helping you manage your operations, helping you maintain a competitive edge

Why is operations management necessary?

In today’s dynamic business environment, change is inevitable with new competitors, products and services entering the market every now and then. To adapt to these recurring changes and maintain a competitive edge, businesses need an operations model that is flexible, efficient and system-driven. Operations Management services can help achieve this by standardizing and streamlining operations and building capacity throughout the process thereby improving the overall productivity of the business.

What does operations management provide?

Biruwa Advisors, as consultants, helps you transform your operations by taking a holistic view of the management through an independent perspective to identify the pain points, gaps, and impacts they are causing from growing your business. We carry out an organizational assessment to uncover the “as is” state of the business and set priority areas as well as recommend way-forward to help establish a “should be” state. Biruwa Advisors also helps you achieve the desired state through Human Resources and Operations Management services to build the overall capacity of the organization if you do not have an in-house capacity. .

What does Operations Management cover?

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Streamlining Processes
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Performance Management System

Operations Management Assignments Carried Out by Biruwa Advisors