Established in July 2011, Biruwa has become one of the the most recognized firms providing business support services to entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs and development organizations working with entrepreneurs in Nepal. Find out about our corporate history in the timeline below.
  • January 2011The idea sparks

    The idea of starting a business to support entrepreneurs came to founder, Vidhan Rana when he faced difficulties starting another business venture and through interactions with other young entrepreneurs. A group in Facebook was formed for those interested in working out of a shared office space and setting up a business incubator in order to understand the market need.
  • April 2011Biruwa Ventures: The name

    The original business idea is pitched at Last Thursdays with an Entrepreneur organized by Entrepreneurs for Nepal (E4N) and Samriddhi Foundation. After initially considering launching the venture in collaboration with E4N, Vidhan decides to move forward independently to have more autonomy and for faster execution. Biruwa Ventures is picked as the name for this new enterprise.
  • July 2011Biruwa Registers

    Biruwa subleases a 900 square feet space from Asia Foundation in Baluwatar and officially begins operations after registration.
  • August 2011Biruwa, plus 3!

    Biruwa signs its first three clients: two startup enterprises and one newly formed non-profit organization.
  • September 2011Abhinab Basnyat , the founding Partner

    Abhinab Basnyat joins Biruwa’s team as Founding Partner. Abhinab brings with him more than five years experience in doing consulting work in the energy sector.
  • November 2011Biruwa Brainstorm is launched

    Launched Biruwa Brainstorm, a free one hour mentoring session for entrepreneurs where they can pitch and receive feedback on their business ideas.
  • March 2012Biruwa's first hire!

    Biruwa hires its first team member, Ankit Rana, as its Admin Assistant.
  • November 2012 Biruwa starts sharing its seed of entrepreneurship

    Biruwa signs its first two consulting projects. Operational assessment is conducted for Chahhari Services, a social venture focused on providing employment opportunities for single women. New business opportunities is explored and a business plan is prepared for Himalayan Bio Trade Limited.
  • April 2013Featured internationally!

    Biruwa’s work is covered by Tech in Asia, one of Asia’s top technology blogs.
  • February 2014Sanam Chitrakar joins the team

    Sanam Chitrakar joins Biruwa team as a Partner to better structure Biruwa's consulting work. Sanam had been a client with Biruwa since November 2011 and had collaborated with Biruwa on several market research projects. He brings with him more than fifteen years of multidisciplinary entrepreneurship development, coaching, training and consulting experiences.
  • March 2014Biruwa joins hands with DANIDA

    Biruwa supported the Danish Embassy to organize a visit for thirteen Danish companies to Nepal to explore potential business opportunities and partnerships through the DANIDA Business Partnership program.
  • April 2014Anup Tamang joins the team and Biruwa Advisors is registered

    Anup Tamang joins Biruwa team. Anup brings with him more than eight years of risk advisory and financial services experience. Meanwhile, Biruwa Advisors in registered. A strategic plan for the consulting division is prepared with the target market expanded to include small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • April 2015April 25, 2015

    The earthquake in Nepal on April 25 severely damages both of our office spaces.
  • June 2016The way forward

    Biruwa begins the process to wind down its serviced office space operations to focus more on its consulting work. Biruwa completes its strategic plan for its consulting division to drive the business towards growth.
  • October 2016Ventures Cafe opens!

    Biruwa supports the launch of Ventures Cafe, a co-working cafe that will continue on the legacy of its office space work.
  • January 2017New logo!

    Biruwa redesigns its logo to better communicate its strategic repositioning.
  • August 2017Service Expansion

    Biruwa formalizes its Private Sector Engagement Service to support development organization with program formulation and private sector mobilization. Similarly, Investment Facilitation Service is introduced to bridge the gap between investors and entrepreneurs seeking investment.
  • January 2018Anup Tamang, Managing Partner

    Anup Tamang undertakes the role of Managing Partner, to streamline the internal operation of the business.
  • April 2018New Service

    Introduces Training and Workshops as a New service to transfer Biruwa partners' sector-specific expertise through interactive training.
  • April 2019Leadership Change

    Vidhan Rana steps down as the Managing Partner and hands over the reigns of the company to Anup Tamang.
  • January 2021Goes Remote

    Biruwa goes fully remote owning to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • January 2024Leadership change

    Vidhan Rana steps back into the role of Managing Partner, relaunching Biruwa Ventures - the original company / brand initially set up in 2011.