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Biruwa Ventures: Cultivating Nepal's Entrepreneurial Spirit, One Dream at a Time

Biruwa Ventures, born in 2011 from the visionary spark of Vidhan Rana, is not just a company; it's a catalyst for change. We nurture Nepal's vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, empowering diverse ventures to blossom and thrive. Over a decade, under Vidhan's unwavering leadership, we've guided over 800 passionate individuals, their fledgling ideas fanned into roaring realities with tailored consulting, strategic investments, and unwavering mentorship. Biruwa isn't just a name; it's a promise of growth, a bridge between potential and success, a community buzzing with collaboration and fueled by a shared belief in Nepal's boundless potential. Come, explore the possibilities, let your dreams take flight, and together, let's weave a brighter future for Nepal, one entrepreneurial success story at a time.

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Biruwa Advisors provides two free mentoring sessions for aspiring entrepreneurs to help them develop a business model, identifying target customers, understand operational requirements and much more. Check Biruwa Advisors Brainstorm program for details.