helping you develop a strategy, helping you set the course for your business

Why is Business Plan necessary?

While many idea stage startups and businesses efficiently run their core business, there often seems to be a gap in their overall business strategy. Businesses often tend to prepare a business plan solely for loan or investment purposes. However, a business plan is more than a loan requirement. A comprehensive and effective business plan ensures if the company strategy and processes align with its objectives and long term goals. It is a guiding document that should be periodically reviewed to make sure the company is on course of its sales targets and milestones.

What does Business Plan provide?

Biruwa Advisors uses various tools like the Business Model Canvas to help you develop your business plan. We gather external intelligence to perform competitor analysis and conduct financial forecasting to test the profitability of the business and help you prepare the financial documents. Biruwa Advisors helps you derive milestones for your business and guide you on activities to meet the milestones through a comprehensive action plan. We revisit your business plan periodically and help you improve your business plan as you evolve your business. We help you in creating a pitch document for your business plan so that you are well-equipped to approach investors for your business.

What does Business Plan cover?

  • Business Model Generation
  • Target Market & Competitors Analysis
  • Financial Feasibility Analysis
  • Milestones Setting
  • Periodic Reviews
  • Investment Proposal
  • Pitch Document