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Vidhan Rana: Weaving Brilliance into Nepal's Tapestry

Vidhan Rana


The embers of innovation glowed bright within Vidhan Rana long before he birthed Biruwa Ventures in 2011. His artistic odyssey began at Hope College, where vibrant hues and theatrical settings shaped his early years. Even as he delved into the world of global business at Whittaker Associates, the creative seed within him simmered, waiting to blossom.

Biruwa Ventures became the fertile ground for his entrepreneurial vision to take root. Here, he nurtured diverse ventures, a maestro conducting an orchestra of dreams. Over 800 entrepreneurs found guidance under his wings, their fledgling ideas fanned into roaring realities with tailored consulting, strategic investments, and unwavering mentorship. Biruwa isn't just a company; it was a vibrant ecosystem thrumming with potential.

But Vidhan's impact wasn't confined within Biruwa's walls. His voice ignited inspiration as a sought-after speaker and author, his words a map for aspiring entrepreneurs navigating the terrain of ambition. Ventures Cafe, a bustling co-working space buzzing with collaboration, stood as a testament to his belief in collective growth. From Kathmandu's streets to international conferences, Vidhan championed the Nepali spirit, his unwavering belief in local ingenuity a beacon for future generations.

Beyond the realm of commerce, Vidhan's dedication to social causes painted a compelling portrait of his multifaceted character. He led SEBS (Society of Ex-Budhanilkantha Students) as President from 2017 to 2019, his leadership ensuring access to quality education and enriching extracurriculars for countless students. This commitment to educational equity had its roots in his work with the Santi School Project from 2007 to 2013, where he established a school for underprivileged children, laying the foundation for a lifetime of service.

The creative embers, long dormant, rekindled with vibrant intensity recently. Vidhan's artistic spirit reawakened, the brush once again dancing across canvases. Ventures Cafe, a space he co-founded to nurture entrepreneurial dreams, will soon witness his artistic renaissance in an upcoming exhibition. This return to art, a confluence of passion and purpose, serves as a metaphor for his unwavering commitment to Nepal's multifaceted success.

Weaving a Collective Tapestry:

Vidhan's leadership transcended Biruwa's walls, extending to the broader Nepali entrepreneurial ecosystem. He actively supported organizations like Entrepreneurs for Nepal and Samriddhi Foundation, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. Between 2010 and 2017, his dedication and vision played a pivotal role in shaping the "Last Thursdays with an Entrepreneur" event, a platform that connected aspiring entrepreneurs with seasoned veterans, sparking countless journeys of innovation and inspiration.

Biruwa Ventures: A Canvas of Accomplishments

Project Unnati (2017-2018): In collaboration with UNCDF (United Nations Capital Development Fund), empowered women entrepreneurs through business training and access to financing, driving economic growth and social inclusion.

Danida Business Partnership (2012-2013): As Lead Consultant, facilitated a three-week matchmaking event connecting 13 Danish companies with over 60 Nepalese

Green Ventures Fund (2015-2016): Investing in sustainable businesses that improve lives and protect the environment.

Biruwa Mentorship Network: Connecting seasoned entrepreneurs with budding ventures, forging a bridge of experience and wisdom.

Nepal Startup Festival: Showcasing Nepal's entrepreneurial spirit on the global stage, attracting investors and collaborators.

He is an artist, an entrepreneur, a bridge builder, and a relentless champion of Nepal's potential. In him, creativity merges with vision, leadership inspires collective growth, and the future of Nepal shines bright, a tapestry woven with his unwavering dedication and collaborative spirit.

Managing Partner - Ventures Cafe

Abhinab Basnyat

Abhinab Basnyat

Co-founder (2012 - 2014)

Built vision, business model, brand, team and operations for Biruwa Ventures, Nepal's first privately run startup incubator and shared office space. Grew company to two locations housing over 10 startups. Provided advisory services for business model development, getting to product-market fit, monetization, and early stage financing. Conducted diligence on investment opportunities. Developed nascent entrepreneurial ecosystem through mentorship, speaker series and public events.
Senior Partner Strategy Manager - Zillow

Anup Tamang

Anup Tamang

Financial Consultant

Anup Tamang is a Management Consultant who has had over 10 years of experience in Risk Advisory, Account Support and Financial Management. With the experience of Risk Advisory for world renowned Indian and Multinational Companies in Bangalore, he has been providing consultation to Nepali companies experiencing growing pains. Financial planning in terms of assessing financial feasibility of business decisions has been a key focus for most of the projects he has been involved in. He is also a partner at Ark Consulting where he focuses on business development and strategy management for the business support wing providing accounts, taxation and statutory compliance support. As a partner at Biruwa Advisors, he supports business entities in managing the internal operations of the company to support start-ups, enterprises in growth stage and entrepreneurs trying to exit (or offload their risk) from operations of their business through multi-disciplinary enterprise consultation and business support.
Director - Ark Consulting