helping you meet your legal compliances, helping you focus on your core business

Why is Legal Consulting necessary?

Whether you are an entrepreneur who is planning to begin a startup or already have an established business, there are many compliance requirements that all organizations need to meet. Entrepreneurs may not be aware about all the requirements or may not have the expertise to fulfill them. However, these requirements are mandated by the government and non-compliance of these requirements may lead to penalties or even closure of the business.

What does Legal Consulting provide?

Biruwa Advisors provides pre-registration consultation, business registration support, periodic updation and submission of records at government agencies like Office of the Company Registrar (OCR) and Department of Industry (DoI) and drafting legally binding agreements for entrepreneurs to secure their business dealings. We have legal experts to check for legal feasibility and compliance requirements for your business. Biruwa Advisors' legal services help the entrepreneurs minimize hassles related to statutory compliances and focus on their core business operations.

What does Legal Consulting cover?

  • Pre-registration Consultation
  • Registration Support
  • Legal Feasibility
  • Legal Opinions
  • Minutes Updation
  • Agreements Drafting
  • Annual Report