helping you understand your financial position, helping you make informed decisions

Why is financial analysis necessary?

Financial Analysis an essential tool for the financial stability of any entity. Financial Analysis helps companies plan and avoid most financial crises. A thorough financial plan helps companies make strategic decisions by assessing their current financial situation and layout financial targets for the future. This enables the entity to make adequate provisions to cater to any changes in funds requirement.

What does financial analysis provide?

Biruwa Advisors helps entities think through and create realistic and commitment based budget plans and targets in order to plan and manage the operations of the entity. We provide support in calculating and quantifying monetary effects of potential business decisions. We help entities compare their accounting reports with the annual budget and analyse any identified deviations.

What does Financial Analysis cover?

  • Financial Budgeting
  • Financial Decision Making
  • Account Support
  • Tax and other Statutory Compliance
  • Reporting & Analysis