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Biruwa Ventures in collaboration with Kings College organizes Udhyami Bhetghat in every two months. It is is a series of sector-focused networking event with the goal to help entrepreneurs expand their professional network, facilitate knowledge sharing, co-creation, collaboration within the Nepali entrepreneurial community by bringing together entrepreneurs that are at various stages in their venture.

Since its initiation in 2013, Udhyami Bhetghat has conducted seven sessions in various sectors such as tourism, education, energy, social entrepreneurship, SMEs, agriculture and more.


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This session, Udhyami Bhetghat, was organized on Commercial Agriculture in Nepal and its value chain contributing actors. Featured guests of the bhetghat were:-


Pradip Maharjan- Agro Enterprise Centre, FNCCI                                 

 Currently the CEO of Agro Enterprise Centre, the agricultural wing of the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), Pradip Maharjan heads the wing responsible for private sector led Agriculture business development in Nepal. He is also responsible for the effective implementation of the business development and for establishing Market Information System for the agriculture commodities.


By working in collaboration with the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Agriculture Development and Ministry of Commerce and Supplies, they also buy back guarantee for the farmers in 40 districts of rural Nepal. They are also implementing 6 development programs as Public Private Partnership models. These projects are namely One Village, One Product and One District, One Product both  funded by the Government of Nepal. Working as implementing partners, there are also 5 more projects they are currently engaged in. They have been very successful with their project covering 50 out of 75 districts.


Ujjwal Chapagain- Himalayan Rabbit Farm

 Managing Director of The Himalayan Rabbit farm, Mr. Ujjwal Chapagain, is a social entrepreneur promoting rabbit farming for the first time in Nepal. Mr. Chapagain has also been a mentor to many entrepreneurs in the field of business opportunities, marketing, and business development planning. With 10 years experience in the field of environment, waste management, sustainable agriculture promotion, he is the go-to person for everything agriculture.

Through his own initiative, he was able to identify and develop market potential of rabbit meat, fur and in process addressing the nutrition requirement and income generation gaps.  His enterprise aims to mentor and support rural farmers in the hilly area of Nepal.

 Kumud Singh- Alpine Coffee

 Founder of Alpine Coffee estate, a MBA graduate and a social entrepreneur at the core Mr. Kumud Singh envisions “Producing highest quality Single Estate- Premium Specialty Organic Arabica”. Concerned with Nepal’s lack of sustainable commercial agriculture activities despite huge potential he started Alpine Coffee Estate, trying to create an impact by cashing in on a quality product without having to bear the brunt of international price fluctuations. It all started when Mr. Singh and his friends went to visit a farm in Kavre, they were impressed so much that after a bit of research they pooled the money and rest is history.

Not just limited to conventional farming, he has also been associated with a software company and ginger farming. He also encourages and educates locals on efficient and effective farming method.


Dal Ram Pradhan- Mountain Agriculture Business expert

 Dal Ram Pradhan, the mountain agriculture business expert has many feathers under his cap. Currently the national team leader of the Himali Project, he has served as the Director General at the Department of livestock services previously. The former Assistant Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture has also contributed in the 20 year vision document of Agriculture Development Strategy of our Government. With a work experience in World Bank projects as well, Dal Ram Pradhan is a man of many talents.

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