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My career aspiration of becoming a successful businesswoman drew me towards Biruwa Ventures. I took my first step towards fulfilling this dream when I was offered an internship. My first experience in Biruwa was awesome. I was interviewed by a panel of interviewers that included various member of the Biruwa team who treated me as if I am already a member of their team.

Office Space Research Interns at our office in Gyaneshwor (From left to right: Janak, Sonam, Shilu, Sunaina, Rajat and Rujan)

Office Space Research Interns at our office in Gyaneshwor (From left to right: Janak, Sonam, Shilu, Sunaina, Rajat and Rujan)

My first task was to conduct a market research on the need of the office space market of Kathmandu. It was a challenging task where I, along with the other interns, had to visit different companies and take the interview of the decision makers in the organization. The project provided me the opportunity to visit various companies of Kathmandu valley of different sectors such IT, NGOs, INGOs, legal, agriculture, consulting, education, health care, design, transportation and logistics, recreation, tourism, hospitality and related services. It also helped me to improve my communication skills and increased my confidence to face people and interact with them. I am immensely proud of learning these skills because I am quite an introvert.

After joining Biruwa as Business Associate, I realized that this is the organization where I always wanted to work. It’s a place where one can grab the opportunity of exploring oneself because of the autonomy we are provided. What applies here is the term employee empowerment’. I found that Biruwa is beyond the orthodox work place where the employees are treated merely as an order follower. I was surprised when the Founder, Vidhan Rana was transparent enough to disclose information and take out opinion on matters I would have thought would only be discussed at the management level. The other exciting thing of Biruwa is that the work environment is extremely flexible. The emphasis is on work accomplished rather than monitoring whether people are exactly on time or whether they are spending the minimum time for lunch and so on. The focus is on output and performance rather than monitoring and evaluation.

I believe networking an essential to achieving success in any venture. Biruwa provides a platform to network with a wide range of entrepreneurs and seeing them in action is a great source of motivation for me.

Biruwa does not hesitate to provide fresh young talent an opportunity to excel. While it is important to have experienced people in the organization, Biruwa believes that the young minds are equally essential. Biruwa also ensures that people are constantly learning and being exposed to new things by assigning them the responsibility of various projects and as well mentoring them to complete it successfully. The continuous learning culture of Biruwa supports younger people to grow in their career.

The other exciting thing I found about working here is the completely supportive colleagues who are friendly and caring. I used to hear and learn about the teamwork most often in my college but the practical example of team work is what I saw in Biruwa. There is a mutual trust among the members who work together to find the best way to achieve the project goals. The organization structure is almost flat where hierarchy is given less important and each member is regarded as a leader at times. Here, it is a place where the employee’s feedback is sought in many important matters and the issues are discussed openly.

Biruwa not only helps employees to achieve the goals but also recognizes them by praising or celebrating their success. So, in addition of being creative in work, Biruwa’s employees truly have fun while working.


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