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December 10, 2013
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I knew I wanted to work after I did my Bachelors. I was always keen to know how working would be like, so I asked most of my working seniors to give me an overview of it. Having heard similar reactions from many of them, I had made a solid perception of working in a Nepalese organizational setting. Finally, as I am an outgoing person, I made a conclusion that I will never fit into a stereotypical 9-5 job.

My first eye opener was an NGO I volunteered for. The organization was very flexible, and it gave me a lot of learning opportunities to grow personally and professionally. And after working at that place, I felt not all organizations have the same approach of doing things.

After I left my first job, I was seeking for challenging roles what I thought I had interest in. However, after a great working experience at my first place, I was really anxious whether I could ever get such an organization again! After the recommendation from a friend, I applied to an organization. There was something very different about Biruwa that I got attracted to in my first visit. I felt the difference from other organizations I was hearing about from my seniors. On the day of the interview, I got a pleasant feeling when I was introduced to all the people working in the organization,of which most of them were my friends. After I received an offer to intern at Biruwa, I stayed in the office for a while, as some of my friends were getting ready to leave in some time. I was really impressed to see everybody working collaboratively and asking each other for feedback. Lunch time was fun and interactive, and I started feeling being a part of Biruwa even before I joined it. And this is how my life at Biruwa began!

After joining Biruwa, I realized learning work ethics and culture is so much fun than studying them in Organizational Behavior! Everybody here gives so much attention to the work culture and learning aspect that you’ll find everybody as one another’s mentor. On the first day at Biruwa, you’ll receive an “office tour” by our superb office assistant Pragyan, where he will connect you to all the Biruwa members and clients, as I did on my first day. While working here, we are encouraged to make mistakes and learn from them. We are always motivated to give our own solutions to the problems. I’ve known self – starters have a special place at Biruwa’s heart!

There are many things that go on at Biruwa besides being productive at work. Well I never knew playing table tennis would be such a great medium to release stress and network until I was doing the same here. There is always a huge amount of excitement amongst the clients and us weeks before a futsal tournament. We invite or get invited to presentations, seminar or workshops held at Biruwa premises to learn and receive feedbacks. We even get tea treats from our colleagues when we have tireless work to do. We never miss to share small happiness together and give a surprise party on your birthday. And these things make working at Biruwa more enjoyable and fun!

What I feel differentiates Biruwa from other organization is not only the fun component but learning component that most of the job starters wish they could get in the early stage of their careers. Biruwa gives immense priority to the growth and development of the team members, their satisfaction, their motivation, their flexibility, and their learning curves. Team building exercises and goal orientation program are a part of retreats. “Lunch and Learn” sessions are on the upcoming event’s list. At Biruwa, we are constantly encouraged to initiate and transform our ideas into applications. One such great example is the initiation setting up an office library st two weeks back by our legal interns Nabin and Ashma.

Well, I have still many many things to learn and experience as I am convinced (by working only 3 months) that everyday is a new learning day at Biruwa. And if you get such a wonderful skilled team to work with, where both learning and fun component are amalgamated, is there any way you wouldn’t feel the difference and change your thought about working in a 9-5 job (even where the timing is flexible!)?



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