Registering a business in Nepal
Registering a business in Nepal: Registration 101
March 10, 2013
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June 24, 2013
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The vibes of social activism through online community has made me pretty active on facebook. Starting from volunteering in political pressure groups, I gradually got involved in different professional groups discussions where business ideas, entrepreneurship, business news were covered. This online social platform was where I had first heard about Biruwa Ventures. Since the moment I understood that Biruwa Ventures is working with a vision to catalyze an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nepal, I wanted to get associated with it; and today it has already been 1 year at this place. Yes, time flies!

I did my Bachelor in Business Administration at Nepal Commerce Campus – Tribhuvan University. Internship, although very common in other countries, is not so popular in Nepali education system and only few programs require internship. I was lucky enough to be a part of the BBA course that requires internship in a business organization. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity so I took no time to apply for the internship at Biruwa Ventures.

My learning experience at Biruwa started from the day I had my interview. Unlike any other common internship interview; I had a one hour long interview session. To a person who was only groomed with theoretical knowledge at school, the first interview was full of nervousness. I prepared for the interview memorizing some definitions of management, entrepreneurship and business news headlines, while I was asked, “Bishal how would you market our services? What would be your marketing strategy?”. With that question I started to realize the difference between academic world and the corporate world. Somehow, I managed to pass the interview and was excited about the value I will be adding to myself at the end of 12 weeks.

May 14 2012, my first day at office. Like every other student, I had stitched a pair of formal dress, cut my hair and was clean shaved. With a diary and a pen in my hand I entered the office at 9.30 AM. In school, I was taught that I should never say ‘No’ to my supervisor, take permission at every step, complete the assigned task and so on. But, things were exactly opposite at Biruwa. The workplace culture welcomed to challenge every idea, delegated authority, and wanted proactive research. Days passed, soon I adapted to Biruwacracy (Term coined by one of our client to express Biruwa Culture).


As an intern, I was primarily involved in conducting secondary research in different projects Biruwa was working on. I also got involved in market survey team and got first-hand experience in conducting a survey. I represented Biruwa in different social gatherings and networking events. Biruwa nurtured me with all the diversified skills that a business graduate needs to possess. In no time, three months of my internship duration passed and I had to return back to school for my final exams. Here is when my career took a turn, the best things that can happen to an intern happened in my life. I was offered a job as a project officer! Excited to join the team, on the day after I finished my exams, I came back to Biruwa. This time with more enthusiasm, more zeal and eagerness to undertake more responsibility. Then the journey changed its track from intern to project officer.

Joining Biruwa is one of the best decisions of my life. I have spent a year of my life with the best among the best people. The client-team relation at Biruwa has always created a homely environment. More than an office, Biruwa is a place ones at Biruwa team and Clients who equipped me with continuous support and care. Looking forward to spend another fantastic year with you.

Thank you all 🙂


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