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March 4, 2012
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May 3, 2012
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It has been more than a month since I have worked at Biruwa and surprisingly; the days have gone by very quickly. My experience and involvement within a month has varied from simple administrative tasks to conducting workshops for BBA student (Bachelors in Business Administration). When I was looking for jobs, I was looking for an opportunity to increase my value and experience, and I wanted to work in an environment where I could communicate with different individuals, share ideas and work as a team to help make at least the smallest of difference. Although currently Biruwa’s core team has only three members including Abhinab, Vidhan and myself, we also have other members in our Biruwa community who I get to interact and learn from on a daily basis.

Biruwa’s Community comprises of businesses with different backgrounds like an IT Company, an NGO, a company doing statistical research, a business selling products to help promote a greener environment to name a few. Although I work primarily for Biruwa, I get exposures to all these other companies at the same time because of the close and collaborative atmosphere established at the workplace. What

I absolutely love about working in a collaborative workspace is the number of ideas that flow throughout the day, and just when you think all the ideas are exhausted, I get to sit on business meetings with future entrepreneurs who are full of positive energy and ideas.

Biruwa is a relatively young company with a lot of potential to grow and expand. In the coming months I would like to increase my involvement in taking leads to kick-start ventures that we have brainstormed, debated discussed in our business meetings. Moreover, I would like to see us focus more on providing seed funding to kick-off new ventures that will ultimately generate revenue.

I am pretty sure the upcoming Business Plan Competition amongst colleges in Kathmandu, likely to be held in October, will play a major role in inspiring and encouraging people to take risks and transform their ideas into ventures. This competition is going to be one of the projects I will be taking a lead on and I am very excited to see its immediate results and long-term impact.

Overall, it has

wireless or printer issues like in the movie Office Space to sitting on meetings with people who maybe representing the next successful and transformative business of Nepal.

Printer and Routers always need special love in a workplace

– Ankit SJB Rana

A little more about me – A Xaverian and a Malpine by heart, I had the opportunity to study Business Administration at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa USA. Four years of Liberal Arts education system helped me discover what I liked doing, what I did not like doing and what I have to do to become a responsible citizen. I was an active member of the college community with numerous leadership positions always striving to make the college life experience better for the current and future students. My long-term goal had always been to come back to Nepal, explore its natural beauty and help make a difference in the positive development of the country. I heard about Biruwa’s job opening from one of my cousins and applied for the position of Administrative Assistant. Luckily Vidhan and Abhinab thought I was up for the task on hand and welcomed me to the team. It has been a sweet ride from then.


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