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Our Mission: Use our entrepreneurial experiences, market knowledge and network to provide innovative business support and consulting services to help entrepreneurs and managers make informed decisions.

What does Biruwa do?

Biruwa Advisors is a business and management consulting firm focused on providing services to startup entrepreneurs and growing businesses. Established as the consulting arm of Biruwa Ventures in July 2014, the firm has provided services to a number of industries ranging from hospitality to manufacturing; information technology to handicrafts; and agriculture to social enterprises.
Biruwa utilizes its entrepreneurial experience, business expertise and network to help entrepreneurs and managers make informed business decisions. We partner with local and foreign businesses, financial institutions, development organizations, industry associations, the government, and universities to provide cost-efficient business services.

How is Biruwa different?

How does Biruwa help entrepreneurs?

Want to know how Biruwa has evolved over the years?

Biruwa has evolved and grown since its inception in 2011. Click on the clock icon to review our timeline to find out more.