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What is Private Sector Development?

Private sector is an important vehicle to achieve development goals set by the government and development partners. Development interventions increasingly require the engagement of private sector actors as partners to capitalize their innovations to cater to their target groups’ needs. An active private sector not only creates employment, but can play a vital role in helping tackle development challenges of the developing countries like Nepal.
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What does Biruwa offer?

As development organizations are less equipped with networks and private sector orientation, Biruwa utilizes its network and expertise to engage the private sector to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a Business Development Service Provider, we support development organizations to formulate program strategies, connect with the right private sector partners, provide business support services to beneficiaries, conduct trainings, and evaluate programs’ effectiveness.

How is Biruwa supporting Private Sector Development in Nepal?

Program Development Services

Biruwa supports development organizations to formulate private sector development programs as we understand both the parties’ needs and priorities. Biruwa conducts product specific local, districts, and provincial cluster assessment to formulate evidence-based private sector development programs.

Training & Capacity Building

Biruwa trains and builds capacity of project team and related stakeholders to align with the project objectives. These in-house and onsite trainings include private sector engagement, legal compliance, financial modeling, business plan development, mentoring, stakeholders mobilization and wider business themes.

Project Monitoring, Evaluation & Documentation

Biruwa support development agencies and donors to monitor and judge the efficiency of their program activities. It involves developing tools and techniques to monitor activities, outputs and results, including developing systematic documentation to report to their stakeholders.

Business Development Services

With its extensive business and management consulting track record, Biruwa supports rural and urban entrepreneurs through its comprehensive business support services. Our core services as a BDS provide involves business plan development, enhancing marketing outreach, management mainstreaming, and business network support.

Value Chain Development

Biruwa supports value chain actors to access and enhance their competitiveness to increase outreach and impacts on smallholder-producers across value chains like milk, vegetables, tea, coffee, meat, non-timber forestry products and high value agriculture products. Biruwa has worked to support consolidators like cooperatives and traders to create greater impacts on producers.

Enhancing Access to Finance

Biruwa supports enterprises to evaluate their market, internal management capacities and risks to increase their investment readiness. Through its existing network with banking and financial institutions and investors’ network, Biruwa provides investment facilitation support to the enterprises.

Local Entrepreneurship Development

Biruwa conducts local, district, provincial, and cluster centric entrepreneurial ecosystem assessment to help elected leaders and development organizations to formulate situation-specific development interventions. We engage the private sector actors to play a strong role in economic development and poverty alleviation.

Women Entrepreneurship Development

Biruwa helps rural and urban women entrepreneurs to enhance their business model, improve their management capacities, increase their market outreach and enhance their profitability. Biruwa also helps them generate internal and external business intelligence enabling them cope with entrepreneurial challenges and to become market-shock resistant.

Innovation & Startup Policy Development

Biruwa lobbies the government to create policies that encourages entrepreneurship and business growth by utilizing its strong position within the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nepal. We collaborate with development agencies and governments at various level to engage relevant stakeholder to create platforms and programs to achieve entrepreneurial growth in the country.

Business Environment Reform

Biruwa supports government and development agencies evaluate the impact of new and existing policies on business environment by conducting comprehensive policy analysis and focus group discussion with relevant stakeholders, especially using its extensive network with entrepreneurs and industry experts in Nepal.

Strengthening Business Membership Organizations

Biruwa works as a strategic and technical partner for Business Membership Organizations to develop, mainstream and continually support their activities to create greater impacts on their members and entrepreneurs. We provide capacity building trainings to project staff to help them serve their members effectively.

Enhancing Public Private Partnerships

Biruwa engages both the public and private sector actors to create public private partnerships that deliver positive impact to both parties involved in the collaboration. We encourage greater accountability from the public sector based on the needs of the private sector.

Who has Biruwa Advisors worked with?

Consulting assignments carried out by Biruwa to support Private Sector Development in Nepal

What do our clients say about Biruwa's Private Sector Development consulting?

Yanese Chellapen

Pennam Partners

Our previous dealings with Biruwa have left us with a highly positive impression of their capabilities in Nepal and the Nepalese access to finance landscape. Biruwa acted as the country coordinator in Nepal for the Access to Finance study with Biruwa liaising with local parties in Nepal to ensure proper interface was being provided to various stakeholders that provided inputs for the study.

Shabda Gyawali

Dolma Impact fund

Biruwa is great place which provided us great benefits like interactions and networking with young, creative and energetic people who understood our business and helped us grow with their valuable feedback.