helping you define your business strategy, helping you achieve your goals

Why is Strategic Planning necessary?

Entrepreneurs are excited to execute on their business ideas and tend to get started without properly understanding their customer’s problems or defining their company’s vision. They make a many assumptions: regarding their target market, regarding their competitors or regarding or regarding regulatory and legal hurdles. Startup businesses get so engrossed by their work that they are unsure where to focus their resources, which can lead to a mismanaged business. Forming a strategic plan will help develop a vision for your business which will help align your team’s focus and help you achieve your targets.

What does Strategic Planning provide?

Biruwa’s Strategic Planning and Business Feasibility service helps you understand your customers’ core problems which assists you in building a value proposition that is different than what other competitors in the market are providing. The service helps you build a vision for your business that will help you improve your market position. It will help you set strategic objectives for your business to help you drive your business' growth.

What does Strategic Planning cover?

  • Understand Opportunities & Threats
  • Analyze Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Define Mission & Vision
  • Set Goals
  • Establish Organizational Structure
  • Build Alternative Strategies
  • Set Key Performance Indicators
  • Monitor Results