• Shine Cleaning

    The client approached Biruwa as they were looking to establish a company that will provide cleaning services using highly specialized machines to be imported from Europe. […]
  • Himalayan Bio Trade Pvt. Ltd (HBTL)

    Biruwa Advisors reviewed and analyzed the client’s business operation and summarized the findings into a business plan. The business plan reviewed the external market trends of HBTL’s products to help inform the company’s long-term strategy. This long term vision will ensure the sustainability, impact; profitability and growth of HBTL based on the internal and external assessment of HBTL operations. The team also conducted an in-depth market study of a particular business area of interest to HBTL regarding the expansion of sales in the domestic market for its paper products. The necessary documents were prepared by utilizing and mobilizing HBTL’s current manpower / volunteers and resources.
  • Tinjure Non Timber Forestry Enterprises

    Biruwa Advisors conducted a business assessment of Tinjure Non Timber Forestry Enterprises. This project intended to study the business model, find out operational capacity and review the business plan of Tinjure. A business assessment report provided a business strategic view on the current operations and suggested the most pertinent areas for intervention to make the business sustainable and profitable. A prepared business model canvas – a strategic tool that capture aspects of the enterprise that are required to make it sustainable, and grow such as: cost structure, revenue streams, channels, customer segments, and value propositions. Based on the analysis, a brief recommendation report that lists the immediate intervention strategies needed to undertake to make the business sustainable was provided.
  • Shreenagar Agro Farm

    Shreenagar Agro Farm approached Biruwa seeking support in developing an investment pitch for an impact investment firm. The business proposal helped understand the investment requirements for the business and understand the legal provision of FDI investment in Poultry Sector and the Client’s overall business. A concise finding on the legal structure of FDI in the Poultry Sector of Nepal was delivered with a powerpoint presentation with a summary of the business proposal.
  • Chhahari Services

    Biruwa Advisors reviewed and analyzed Chhahari’s business operations and summarised the findings into a business plan that reflects the company’s current operations, strengths and weaknesses. The business plan reviewed external market trends of Chhahari’s products to help inform its long-term strategy by assessing internal and external operations of the company. The team conducted an in-depth market research on opening up an organic agricultural farm in the outskirts of the valley.