Helping you understand you key performance indicators, helping you align your business operations with your strategic goals

Why is Business Diagnostics necessary?

Entrepreneurs and managers are so engrossed with their day to day operations that they tend to disregard problems that appear in their business. You may not have clearly defined your strategic goals and thus your team does not understand where the business is headed. Your market may be changing but your business model may be outdated. You may need to expand your business but don’t have an adequate source of funding. The Business Diagnostics tool provides a quick synopsis of all functional departments to help you identify gaps in your business.

What does Business Diagnostics provide?

Biruwa Business Diagnostics is a quick internal assessment tool designed to facilitate entrepreneurs, business owners and managers generate a synopsis of different functional departments of their business. It helps identify gaps and strengthen five core areas of a business covering management, human resource, marketing, operations and finance. Overall, the diagnostics will help you identify the strength and weaknesses of your organization and help you identify areas of required improvement.
What are the Key Performance Indicators Tracked by Business Diagnostics?
mgmt strategy1

Management Strategy

How well are have you set your future strategic direction for yourself and your business?
process development2

Process Development

How well established is your planning and control measures for your business?
internal intergratio n3

Internal Integration

How well have your strategies been integrated with your internal planning and operations?

Product Quality

How well do you monitor your product quality and develop new products or services?

Marketing & Sales

How well do you systematically generate new business and track existing sales?
Customer Service Quality Feedback6

Customer Satisfaction

How well do you monitor and ensure customer satisfaction?
operations management7

Operations Management

How well is your operations integrated with your strategic goals and sales and marketing efforts?

HR Development

How well do you your team understand your strategic goals and are able to improve on their performance?
financial performace9

Financial Performance

How well do you monitor your financial performance and seek to improve your results?
Global network the Internet. 3D image.10

Management Information

How well do you obtain regular data for your business trends and performance levels?
Business Communication Duplicate model11

External Network

How well do you build and leverage within your industry and support network?
yellow light bulb12

Strategy & Innovation

How well are you able to build on your competitive advantage and bring innovation to add value to your customers?