understand your business model, take the right step towards business success

We help you develop a business model for your enterprise, whether it is a startup or an existing business, using the Business Model Canvas to answer questions about your business.

1.What is the Business Model Canvas?

The Business Model Canvas is an easy to use visual framework for developing a business model. The Canvas covers nine key elements of a business model to be captured and discussed by asking a series of exploratory questions among a group of people working together.

2.Why conduct the Business Model Canvas?

The Business Model Canvas presents a quick way to evaluate all the aspects of a business. As thorough business planning process requires a huge investment of time and resources, the Canvas can be a quick fire way to ensure that you have a complete picture of your business without requiring extensive business expertise and time.
What does the Business Model Canvas cover?

Biruwa conducts sessions to help entrepreneurs complete their Business Model Canvas, helping you brainstorm and structure your business model. We provide key industry insights, share best practices and extend a guiding hand to help you complete your Business Model Canvas. We also document the discussion and provide you a report containing all the aspects of your business model with a set of strategic recommendations to move your business forward. If you are interested in seeking support from Biruwa for your Business Model Canvas, fill the form below and we will get back to you with a quotation for this service.