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Current Openings

We are looking for someone who will enjoy a role that offers diversity. We envision that to be a good match the candidate should be business-focused, result-oriented, analytical and adaptable. The candidate should be someone who is willing to learn and apply their analytical skills in solving a unique problem for our clients.


• Conduct both primary and secondary research

• Conduct analysis of research findings

• Drafting reports and proposals

•Write blogs regarding the research conducted and other relevant topics

•Assist Associates and Partners in other projects

• Other responsibilities as delegated by the management


• Completed Bachelor’s degree, preferably in the field of business or economics


• Basic knowledge of business and research (related to business and economics)

•Excellent command of English

•Excellent verbal and written communication skills

•Ability to work with diverse teams and people


Applicants must send an email in the following mailing address with the given subject line. Please attach your CV/Resume, cover letter( explaining how your interest, skill sets and long term goals aligns with Biruwa's vision and service offerings) and any other relevant information and experiences, which you think is necessary.

E-MAIL: hr@biruwa.net

SUBJECT LINE: " ATTENTION: Application for Business Assistant Position"

Biruwa is a recognized business and management consulting firm in Nepal with a young and dedicated team focused on providing the best business services to startups, SMEs and growth companies. We understand each team member’s career aspirations to help them achieve their career goals.

Improve your managerial and analytical skills: The dynamic and fast paced start-up environment at Biruwa requires each team member to take ownership, manage multiple tasks, become resourceful to complete projects, and be held accountable for outcomes. We have a collaborative environment where ideas are continuously exchanged and analyzed; where each of us is challenged to be creative and think logically to define and structure their ideas to create a solutions to solve the identified problems.

Build your leadership skills and teamwork: Biruwa prides itself for its unique work culture where each team member supports each other to complete their tasks. We provide an opportunity for even interns and entry level team members to take on responsibility on specific assignments and internal tasks to build leadership skills necessary for your career growth.

Enhance your understanding of the private sector in Nepal: Biruwa takes on projects in multitudes of sectors. We venture wherever there are business challenges that require innovative solutions. Our current projects include agriculture, tourism, technology, healthcare, energy, education, handicraft and social sectors.

Build a strong network within the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nepal: Biruwa plays a pioneering role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nepal and thus has a broad network with stakeholders in the community. Working at Biruwa will give you an opportunity to network and build relations with these stakeholders such as policy makers, investors, entrepreneurs, business leaders and development workers.

Bridge the gap between theory and practice: We offer a learning environment for fresh graduates and interns, especially those who come from a business background, so that they can get a firsthand experience of a professional work environment and a place to apply the the knowledge they have gained in an academic setting.

We look for people with entrepreneurial drive and passion who have a knack for working in cross functional teams. People who are capable enough to think beyond academics and thrive in a learning environment are always encouraged to apply. We generally focus on four areas of talent in candidates.

Entrepreneurial Drive: Biruwa is a place where entrepreneurs come to brainstorm their business ideas and seek support to grow their business. We want our team members and interns to have an entrepreneurial drive because it is only then that they can help entrepreneurs. Furthermore, we are a learning organization, and we are constantly in search for intrapreneurs who have the ability to think outside the box and have the ability to apply the principles of entrepreneurship in the roles they fill within the organization.

Leadership Capacity: We look for people who have to ability to envision a goal and inspire others to achieve that by leading from the front. We acknowledge the fact that people have different leadership skills. We not only look for good leaders but also create leaders within the team.

Problem Solving Skills: Consulting often involves solving problems for the clients. Problem solvers are usually ones who are creative, who love challenges and who can see problems in ways others cannot. Potential candidates should have demonstrated this ability during their academic pursuit, past work experiences or volunteering efforts.

People and Communication Skills: Biruwa’s consulting work give each team member an opportunity to interact, collaborate and work with people from varying walks of life. We have to be able to listen and truly understand their problems. We have be able to ask the right questions. We have to be able to communicate our ideas in an effective manner so that our message gets through. We seek candidates who have strong interpersonal communication skills as well as strong writing and presentation capacity.